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Everybody Is Special 
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Mission: Educating children about people with disabilities

A great resource for children!

"We are all special in our own little way"

- Grandma Bear

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Henley & Gilmore

About the AUthor

Ari Frenkel is a father, husband, musician, author, infectious disease physician, epidemiologist, and entrepreneur. Ari's journey began when he was in his early teens, spending his summers teaching children to swim. There was one boy who was different. The boy could not walk due to serious medical conditions. When all the other children were participating in swimming lessons, the parents of this child approached Ari and asked for lessons. Ari took the challenge and in a matter of weeks, the boy was swimming. Inspired by the boy's amazing abilities, Ari wrote this book. Everybody Is Special demonstrates that a person should be defined by their abilities. Everyone has a uniqueness that makes them special.


"An incredible story that demonstrates the amazing abilities of a child who uses a wheelchair. I highly recommend this book for children of all ages." 

Jenna Genger,

Early Childhood Administrative Assistant 

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